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Breakfast #Inspo


Breakfast … the most important meal of the day and more often than not, the most skipped meal of the day. Lovers there is no need to skip brekky anymore. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. It can be totally delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Before I tantalise your taste buds, here are some damn fine reasons as to why you should be eating breakfast errry day. And it’s not just so your Instagram feed looks phenomenal.

  • Breakfast gets your metabolism all fired up like Pat Benatar. While you are sleeping you’re body needs to conserve energy because it’s not receiving any nutrition. It is in a natural state of fasting. When you don’t include breakfast in your daily routine your body still thinks it’s in conservation mode and is “saving energy” which actually slows your metabolism down. This in turn decreases the amount of kj/cal you burn throughout the day. It could be the reason why you aren’t fitting into your favourite pair of skinny jeans…
  • HANGER – we have all been there …the moment where you have left it too long between meals and the hanger sets in (hungry & anger combined is not a good thing peeps). Taking the time to have breakfast in the morning helps to regulate your blood sugar levels which can really sway your mood like Michael Buble.
  • Breakfast provides you with sustained energy to get you through the first leg of your day and will reduce your need to binge eat on the hot chips and potato cakes from the corner store at smoko. It gives your body power and your brain a boost helping to improve your concentration and focus.

PS: I am not suggesting that every day you’re achin’ for some bacon that you whip up a bacon and egg roll or a plate of waffles with ice-cream, syrup and sprinkles … I am encouraging you all to enjoy a healthy, well balanced breakfast. Your breakfast should be high in fibre, pumping with protein and overflowing with nutrition that will have you glowing from the inside out and happy just like a Pharrell Williams song.

My Berry Coconut Chia Breakfast recipe is one of my favourites to help get you in the mood. Bow-chicka-wow- wow…

To get the recipe head to Raw Blend!

Ameka Jane


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