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What if your life was filled with more kindness, love, joy, gratitude and beauty? What would it look like? How would it feel? I want to share with you a secret on how to make your day and your life just a little bit better …

Jason and I just celebrated two months since our “I DO’s” in front of all of our friends and family on the Home & Family show. I have to admit, looking back now it’s kind of a blur. A beautiful, crazy and happy blur, but still a blur. I’ve often heard people describe their wedding like this but now I fully comprehend what they were talking’ about.

During that crazy and beautiful time we were so blessed beyond belief with some of the most beautiful well wishes, gifts and kind gestures that I have to pinch myself of how incredibly fortunate we are. We are surrounded by so much love and positivity and I am so grateful.

Sometimes it is so easy to become so overwhelmed with life and the everyday challenges and day to day motions that we forget how to stop and appreciate our lives, or how to say thank you to those that make it better! So right here and right now I am saying THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU.

For our wedding, my bridesmaids and I received these adorable little boxes from BetterBox – For Your Best Life Ever. These boxes were filled with so many cute messages about life.  It was full of activities to slow me down and take everything in – like take a sea salt bath, sip on a nice cup of tea, snap a picture of the moment I was sharing with the people I love most, write a cute little card and give to a friend just to say I am so grateful for you! It was honestly one of the most thoughtful and thought provoking gifts I have received in a long time.

BETTERBOX promoEach month I can receive a surprise box in the mail or what I love even more, is that I can give one as a gift to those I do not see everyday. You can arrange to have these gorgeous personalized boxes sent to the people who make your life better by simply being in it – and then they too can pay it forward. How incredible is that?

The truth is we all want to live our best life possible and all great change begins with small manageable steps toward a desired outcome. This is true whether we’re working toward positive change in our individual lives or in our world at large.

This is why every BetterBox is designed to deliver a series of manageable, but impactful activities all proven to help create positive habits, uplifting emotions, and meaningful change for the better.

How do they do it?

A new life-affirming theme is at the heart of every BetterBox. Each one chosen especially for its ability to help you create a happier more joyful life; things like gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, and sleep. 

Then, the BetterBox team of Happiness Engineers, composed of experts in mindfulness, meditation, behavior change, and of course happiness, create a series of twenty-one simple, fun, and effective activities designed to awaken the experience of the theme in your life. Mine was my wedding and gratitude for the people who help create the life Jason and I have together.

Finally, their Product Discovery Team then combs the world for beautiful, boutique-inspired gifts to complement your activities. These hand-selected treasures are then packed up and shipped right to your door. In my case they were hand delivered right to my door by my beautiful friend Michelle Q who helped create these beautiful boxes for me and my girls. Michelle Q … seriously, what would I do without you? Now there is a gal who deserves a BetterBox!

Once you have your BetterBox you can watch the magic unfold. Your BetterBox journey will lead you to a more joyous life brimming with…

  • New positive habits and uplifting emotions

  • Renewed and revitalized relationships

  • Enhanced fulfillment and meaning in every corner of your life

Imagine creating this in your own life? Or better yet being able to make a difference in someone else’s everyday?

Join me and @betterbox @betterboxlife to keep inspiring others to live life to the fullest. A life full of happiness, love, joy, beauty and gratitude. The life everyone deserves.



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