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That Wedding Glow

Paige Paige

Ladies, am I right when I say that for your wedding day you want nothing more than to look your absolute best? I mean let’s be real, you are marrying the man of your dreams, in front of all your friends and family (in my case, all of America) and you’re going to have photo’s of this special day that you will look back on in years to come, in print, forEVER. You wanna look good, you wanna glow!

I wanted that wedding glow and I wanted my bridesmaids to feel the same! So I enlisted the help of my good friend and make up artist from my EM:HE days Michelle Q and my step momma Joy, to help get us all “Wedding Ready”, and boy did they ever.

In the Bridesmaid’s Gift Bags I gave all the girls two of my favourite body products from Farmhouse Fresh. The Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion and the Sweet Cream Fine Grain Salt body scrub.

Body Wedding Glow

Both products smell DELICIOUS and the body scrub is awesome for removing dead skin cells but it also has Vitamin E in it which leaves your skin shiny and silky smooth. Finish your little routine off with the body milk lotion and you have one seriously glowing bod and sweet smelling skin. My bridesmaids and I are obsessed and I can not get enough …

As if that wasn’t enough for my bridesmaids and I to totally get our glow on – Michelle Q hooked us up and surprised us with these super cute Michelle Q Swag Bags! There were so many amazing products inside to keep the girls and i looking glam for the big day and all the events leading up to it. There were products from Xen Tan, Smashbox, Mario Badescu ( but this is a whole other blog) … Right now, Holy cow … I have one thing to get your face gorgeous and glowing. If any of you ladies have ever used a clarisonic out there you’ll know what i’m holy cowing about, if you haven’t you need to get yourself one! Clarisonic gives the best skin cleanse. I use it on my face every morning and night and it really helps with skin conditions like acne and enlarged pores but it also helps with wrinkles and brightening up your skin which EVERY bride loves!


Touch it all up on the day of with a little Xen Tan to give your skin a little warmth and a little extra summer glow & you have our secret to glowing gorgeous skin for my big day … and might I say … how gorgeous did all my bridesmaids look? I would love to know how you get your skin gorgeous and glowing, share with us in your comments below!



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