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Denim in Distress

Ameka Ameka Play

I don’t know if ya’ll saw the cuteness that was Paige Hemmis on the Home & Family show last week? She was rocking my DIY distressed denim overalls like a …

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See My Vest!

Ameka Ameka Play

Have you ever owned something you just loved in your closet but couldn’t bear the thought of parting with? Or … have you suffered the “pinterest envy” where you spend …

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Donut Mind If I Do!

Ameka Ameka Eat

Do you love donuts as much as my girls Paige & Trevi? Let me tell you somethin’ those girls would give Homer Simpson a run for his money, DOH! The …


How to kick-start your day!

Ameka Ameka Eat, Play

How you start your day can really determine a successful day of positivity and productivity or a day of deflation and defeat… I know which day I would rather have. …


Our 4th of July Celebrations 2015

Paige Paige Play

This year’s 4th of July celebration was extra special … Most years we throw a HUGE party and invite all of our friends & family to come and celebrate America’s …

DIY Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jar Flag

Paige Paige Fengshui, Play

The mighty mighty mason jar! It certainly has had a revamp and regained it’s popularity since the good old food preservation days. Mason jars are now used not only for …

Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

Paige Paige Eat, Play

Stars & Stripes is a sweet and fun platter to serve at your next July 4 party. It’s so simple to throw together and it looks cute too. Stars & …