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Toning It Up!

Paige Paige

Getting “wedding-ready arms”

Whether you are getting married, or just ready to go to an event, you want to look and feel amazing in your dress! I personally think it starts with the arms. How many of you have raised your arm to waive “hello” and felt the ever-so-icky turkey jiggle that wiggles underneath your arm? EUGH! Let’s face it folks…it ain’t pretty. So with only 6 weeks to go before my wedding, and a jam-packed schedule with little time to work out, I went to the experts to tone up my arms for the big day. Here is a quick and simple way to tone up your arms, specifically the triceps, with stuff you have laying around the house!

If you want to get in shape for your own wedding or perhaps you are attending a wedding the Tone It Up girls have it covered with their Tone It Up: Bridal Edition ‘Wedding Slimdown’ so make sure you head on over and check it out! You will love them & their workouts just as much as i do:)



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