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The Dollar Store Challenge


We have had a lot of people write to us on the show about doing a DIY challenge using the dollar store. Well, your wish is our command. Ken, Orly and myself are going to show you how to create not one, but THREE DIYs for you, using just the dollar store, and a $10 budget.

DIY Plastic Fork Chandelier

You Will Need:

  • Plasticware
  • Wire Hanging Basket
  • Wire Candle Holder
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Twist Tie


1. Use the galvanized wire to attach the wire candle holder to the bottom of the wire hanging basket. Set aside.
2. Use hot glue to attach twist ties to the top of the forks. When it is cool, use your finger to bend the twist tie so it becomes “hangable”.
3. Hang the forks around the basket in even rows.
4. Be careful that when you hang it, it is in a place that is not going to be knocked. For extra hold, you can reinforce the forks with a little hot glue.

How simple is that? And it’s good lookin’. In fact, I found a chandelier like it that was almost $900 … say what!? Mine will cost you $8 … you’re welcome:)

To watch this DIY live in action or to check out Orly and Ken’s amazing dollar shop challenge ideas head on over to Home & Family.



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