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See My Vest!


Have you ever owned something you just loved in your closet but couldn’t bear the thought of parting with? Or … have you suffered the pinterest envy” where you spend hours and hours browsing the beautiful images that you pin to your wish list, in hope that magically one day, they will appear in your closet at home?

That’s me!

I have to confess I am a style junkie. I love fashion & style. It makes my heart skip a beat and my tummy fill with butterflies … the ability to express yourself through the way you dress is an incredibly powerful tool and often very underestimated and overlooked. I could go on and on about my thesis of style but let’s save it for more blogs to come♥

What I DO want to share with you today is how to turn an old item into something new! Breathe freshness into something that has been hanging in the closet without love and attention and give it a mini makeover… see my vest!

I decided to give this cute vest a Style Makeover: Ameka Jane Edition and surprised Paige with something new to wear for her Home & Family segment.

When styling you need to always keep in mind the individual you are styling for. Just because it’s something you like, doesn’t mean they will. Who are they? What is their personality? What are they known for? Is it practical for the specific occasion?

Paige is super easy to style and I LOVE being able to put together different looks for her, whether it be for Home and Family, the red carpet or business meetings. We of course know Paige for her PINK and her tomboy style … but she also embraces a really cute boho chic look which is more when she is not DIY-ing and I adore this particular look on her.

Today’s segment was repurposing something old and used into something new. Paige used her Isle runner from her Wedding and turns into a tapestry to hang on her wall at home so she can keep it forever. You can catch the segment here if you missed it.

With repurposing in mind and using elements from Paige’s runner I got to work!

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Here’s How!

You will need

  • Vest (you could also use a denim jacket)
  • Lace with a little stretch in it about 6-7 inches wide.
  • double sided fabric tape
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing pins
  • pencil


  1. Take your vest/jacket and lay out open on a flat surface with the inside facing up
  2. Stretch your lace across the inside of your denim from one end of the garment to the other and cut to size.
  3. Leave roughly 3 inches of lace exposed at the bottom. (You can have has a little or as much lace as you like at the bottom. It’s entirely up to you).
  4. Secure your lace to the vest using sewing pins
  5. Take a pencil and make little marks every inch or so across the top of the lace to use as your guide line for adding the tape.
  6. Remove the lace and take your double sided tape and stick down across the inside of your vest, following your led lines. This is where the top of the lace will be fixed. Make sure you press firmly down on the tape to ensure the tape is firmly secured.
  7. Peel back the top layer of the double sided tape.
  8. Secure your lace to the double sided tape and press firmly across the top to ensure your lace is firmly fixed to your denim.
  9. Add another strip of fabric tape across the inner bottom of the vest and secure lace to this also. This will ensure two fixing points to help hold the lace in place.
  10. Next up, your pocket embellishment. Take the excess lace used from the bottom design and cut into shape to fit one of your pockets.
  11. Using your double sided fabric tape fix the lace into place to cover your pocket.
  12. And there you have it! A DIY, super easy & cute repurposed piece of fashion!

Note: I used fabric double sided tape because it’s temporary. You could also use fabric glue if you’re not a sewer like me. If you are committed and looking for something more permanent you can certainly sew your lace onto your denim.

I hope you enjoyed my Style Makeover! Share your DIY style makeovers with us on Instagram and twitter and make sure you tag @paigehemmis @amekajane and hashtag #DIYstyle

Happy Styling Lovers!

Ameka Jane


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