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Patch Your Threads Up

Ameka Ameka

As you have all probably started to gather … I love breathing new life into something old and making it a favourite all over again. A really adorable and super simple way to add a little some somethin’ to your wardrobe is with patch work.

Don’t be fooled – patch work is not just for girl scouts and grandma’s blankets! I grabbed an old favourite and got to work and patched that shiz up!

patchwork edit

You will need:

  • quilt batting
  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon/lace or binding
  • fabric glue
  • yarn
  • needle
  • pins
  • scissors
  • heart template (or whatever template you choose)

How To:

  1. Take your template and apply it on top of your quilting lining to cut out your heart shape. This will serve as the base or “frame work” for your patch work design.
  2. Using your scraps of material, play around with the layout and overall design of how you would like your patchwork heart to look and pin into place.
  3. Take your fabric glue and glue each piece of scrap fabric onto your heart.
  4. Once all fabric is secured into place, take either your lace, ribbon or binding and glue around the outside of your heart as a frame or border. This will help to give your heart a finished look but it will also prevent anyone from seeing any of the quilting lining that’s underneath.
  5. Take your patchwork heart and secure it into place on your chosen garment using fabric glue. Set aside and allow it to dry – I added a little extra weight on top using an old book while it dried to ensure it would be firmly secured to the vest.
  6. Once the glue has dried, take your yarn and a large needle and make a couple of cross stitches through the patchwork heart and vest. I chose to do this in three separate place but you could situate all the way around if you preferred.
  7. Voila! Super easy, super cute, super fun all wrapped up into one!

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Ameka Jane


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