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Letters to a Loved One


Being away from home is hard – missing your loved ones, parents, family, friends, children or spouse is always the hardest part. Sometimes all one human needs is to feel connected to another and my letters in a bundle will give that special someone who is away (and maybe a little homesick) a reminder of home.

This bundle contains letters that are sealed for any possible moment or emotion and are titled for when your loved one might need it the most! It’s a fun way to share sentimental moments and reminders and to let them know you love them and are thinking about them.

Open me when you miss me …

Open me when you can’t sleep …

Open me when you wake up grumpy …

Open me when you feel like giving up …

Open me when you need a hug …

And the list goes on and on …

This is a great DIY for a loved one who gets deployed, but it would also be great for reminiscing … when a family member was away serving in the military… how much they are appreciated and how much they were missed. Then, of course, this could spill into everyday life.  If your loved one is going away for work, you can pack this gift with them so they don’t feel so lonely while they are away!

You can get the whole family involved with this DIY. Whether it is something you make for your sweetie, or for a parent … maybe even a teen who is heading off to college and will be away from home for the first time. Have everyone in the family write a note, or draw pictures. You can even include the kids!

These letters are personal, I can’t tell you how to write them but for me for example, I made a whole bunch of these when my hubby was going away for a few months. They contained sentimental notes but personal jokes about us and our lives together.

Open Me when you can’t sleep at night

You can’t sleep … don’t worry I can’t either. But as you lay alone in the silence, look up at the stars and the moon and know that on the other side of the world, I am looking at those same stars and that same moon thinking of you. In that one moment … we are back together. If that doesn’t work just remember that I hog the bed, I steal all the covers and am surrounded by three furry kitties that get in the way of snuggling.  Then you can go to sleep peacefully knowing you have the bed all to yourself, you won’t get cold and won’t have to put up with three kitties!

Open Me when you miss me

You are missing me but I miss you more! Just remember when you are missing me, that I am really annoying and I tell you how to drive, you hate my gangster rap music, I make you pick up your dirty socks and I always leave my cups half full all over the house, I also wake up really grumpy every morning and until you’ve given me a solid 20 minutes to myself to wake up you cannot approach me. Think of all of this and then you won’t miss me too bad! I am always thinking of you, always loving you and still doing all of those things that annoy you.

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You Will Need:

  • Stationery in a variety of sizes – the more antique it looks, the better. Get whatever paper you want to use.  I’m using note cards, paper, parchment paper and brown paper bag-type of paper.
  • Envelopes in a variety of sizes to match your stationery – again, the more antique, the better. I’m using brown paper envelopes, parchment envelopes, white envelopes with red stripes, etc.
  • Red & white twine
  • OPTIONAL: Cardboard box to hold the letter bundle


  1. This will take you some time, but it’s worth it! Download the list of 20 Loved One notes.
  2. Pick your envelopes first. Since you will want it to look like an old-world bundle, use different sized envelopes and write on the top left corner of each envelope what the subject is: “Open me when you are…”
  3. Based on the size of the envelopes you chose, pick a stationery that will fit inside them.
  4. Start with the same subject on the top left corner of the sheet or note card: “Open me when you are…”
  5. Then start writing each note.
  6. Once your note is done, put it in the envelope and seal it up!
  7. Continue this process until all 20 letters/notes are complete. Feel free to add your own notes as well…you don’t have to stop at 20!
  8. Once all notes are completed, put them in a pile with the largest envelope on the bottom. Stack them so that the smallest envelope is on top.
  9. Take your red and white twine (or any twine you would like) and wrap the letters like you would wrap a ribbon around a present – all four sides need to have twine around them to meet in the center of the top. Tie in a bow.
  10. Either give this bundle to your loved one, or put the bundle in a cardboard box. Voila!  Give the bundle of love to your loved one.


Since you don’t want to add to much weight to someone’s luggage, you can either wrap the letters together with twine alone, or add them to a lightweight cardboard box.  I was able to find this cardboard box on Amazon for about $20.

Here is a list of 20 ideas for “Letters to a Loved One” notes:

  1. Open me when you miss me
  2. Open me when you can’t sleep
  3. Open me when you wake up grumpy
  4. Open me when you feel like giving up
  5. Open me when you need a hug
  6. Open me when you miss the kitties
  7. Open me when you miss the puppies
  8. Open me when you miss our kids
  9. Open me when you don’t feel like waking up and taking on the day
  10. Open me when you need to laugh
  11. Open me when you’ve had an embarrassing moment
  12. Open me when you feel like you are alone
  13. Open NOW
  14. Open me when you are missing the house
  15. Open me when you are stressed
  16. Open me when you need a friend
  17. Open me when you need a pep-talk
  18. Open me when you are feeling sick
  19. Open me when you need someone to talk to
  20. Open me when you’ve had a bad day

Do you have a loved one that’s going away? Share with us in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYplay

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