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How To Solve Your Bathroom Storage Problems

Paige Paige

The twalette, the loo, the dunny, the head, the oval office…whatever you call it, we’ve all got one and storage can be an issue if you have a small one!  I have a guest bathroom that has a pedestal sink so the question always presents itself…do I keep extra rolls of toilet paper out for everyone to see on the back of the tank?  Or hide them away in another room possibly leaving my guests up the ?X@%! creek without a paddle?  Hmmm…to roll or not to roll…that is the question. You can view more here if you are looking for quality repair and maintenance services.

For me, right now it is TO ROLL!  I have a few rolls of toilet paper sitting on the tank of my toilet.  Not the prettiest, but I’d rather have that than my guests left without a square to spare!  So if you are like me and have a pedestal sink in your bathroom, here is a fun way to spruce up your bathroom and give you the extra storage that you need!


  •  2 Baskets: You can choose any style you would like such as wicker, linen, plastic, canvas or wire. Choose a size that will fit toilet paper rolls and other bathroom essentials. I’ve chosen wire baskets with a linen lining. I will fill one basket with toilet paper (2 rolls will fit side by side), and one basket with washcloths/towels.  Where did I find such baskets?  The Beyond…. (Bed, Bath and Beyond that is)
  • 4 Hooks: You can choose any style you would like that would compliment your bathroom. I’ve chosen a coat hook in a Venetian Bronze color to match the fixtures in my bathroom. Although there are many styles to choose from including bathroom towel hooks, I chose the coat hook since the style was a bit fancier.
  • Electric drill
  • 1/16 inch drill bit OR 3/16 inch drill bit (depending on mounting surface)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Safety Goggles (I personally wouldn’t use them, but according to the manufacturer’s directions that came with the hooks, they recommend.)

How To:

To hang the hooks on the wall:

  1. Use your pencil and mark the desired location for your hooks. I’ve chosen two hooks to hold up one basket, and plan to mount these baskets horizontally on top of one another.
  2. If you are mounting to a stud, drill 1/16” pilot hole and skip to step number four.
  3. If you are mounting to drywall or ceramic tile, drill 3/16” pilot holes and insert plastic anchors into holes. Use a hammer to tap in the anchors until it is flush with the wall. Be VERY careful if hammering into ceramic as tiles break easily.
  4. Screw in the screws into the holes using a Phillips screwdriver (or Phillips head attachment on your drill)
  5. Hang your hooks.

To enhance your basket:

  1. I bought wire baskets with a linen lining that is a neutral color. If you would like to keep your colors neutral, you can just hang your baskets on the hook. I want to add a little color to mine.
  2. Take ribbon and weave the ribbon in and out of the wire all the way around the basket.
  3. You can either finish the look off with a knot or a bow. I am choosing to add a bow to the front of my baskets.
  4. Hang the baskets on the hooks and fill with any bathroom essentials you will need. I will be filling one basket with the ever-amazing and awesome Quilted Northern toilet paper, and the other basket with turquoise and white washcloths.
  5. Voila!

Have fun…or as much fun as you can have in the bathroom!  May the TP be with you….

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