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Remodeling 101


So you’re thinking about remodeling…

Think Big…Start Small. Be realistic. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Divide larger projects into several mini projects. Identify your own limitations ahead of time to avoid frustration. Consider this…if you start and complete a small project, it will give you the encouragement and the self-confidence to tackle larger projects. On the other hand, however, if you start a project that is too big, you may get frustrated and abandon it, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and discouraged.

master bath before

Master Bathroom After

How do you know if you are ready for a remodel? 

There are two types of people out there; the DIY types (Do It Yourself) and the HAP types (Hire A Professional such as if you are in need of a bathroom plumbing service.) My goal is to turn you into the TC type (Tuff Chix), one who enjoys fixing things or hires a professional because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

We are all capable of accomplishing anything that we put our minds to. Part of the problem we face with home improvement stems from unfamiliarity. Once we are familiar with something, it makes it much easier to understand and therefore conquer. There are 2 ways to become familiar.

  • Know your terminology. If you know the correct terms to use, you will reduce your risk of getting overcharged or taken advantage of. To help get you comfortable and In-the-know grab your FREE copy of Tuff Chix 'Home Girl Dictionary' . Just enter your details below and we will send you a copy of your very own! You’ll be Home Girl savvy in no time.

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    • Know your home. Go for a tour! Take a few moments to examine your home, much like you would your outfit before going out on a hot date. Look EVERYWHERE around your house – Ever wonder what those pipes are for? Where do they go? How about wiring? We want you to KNOW your house, so if anything ever does go wrong, you will know exactly how to pinpoint the problem. Plus, walking through your home will help prevent potential problems that may arise. Be observant to prevent future catastrophes. As you go through this list, jot down things that need your attention or need a little repair.

    kitchen before

    kitchen after

    What are the parts of the house to remodel that will yield the most return? 

    People buy homes with their HEART, and not their mind. Since women do most of the home buying and decision-making in America, appeal to what you love in your dream home. For me, I LOVE to cook and I love to take a nice warm bath to relax. Most women in America love the same thing. Take away the 'heart' of the project, and statistics will also back you up. The 2 areas that give the best rate of return on investment are the kitchen and the bathrooms. And when it comes to transitioning into your new home, trusted movers like can make the process smooth, ensuring your cherished belongings arrive safely.

    People love an open-concept floorplan, so if you are facing a home with a wall that divides the two main living areas (the kitchen and family room), take that wall down! Since I LOVE to cook, and most family gatherings end up with people chatting in and around the kitchen, it's important to make that area warm, inviting and open!

    How long does a typical remodel take? 

    A full-home remodel will take 8 – 10 months. If you start small, each area should take less than 3 months.

    How can someone overcome remodel remorse? 

    The best way is to NOT make mistakes before you remodel…so before you do anything, think about the heart…think about what you want most in a new home that you are going to buy.  Make smart decisions before you start a remodel and you will be happy with the outcome. Say goodbye to remorse!

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