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My Dream Wedding Hair with SHE Hair Extensions


Many of you have been writing in and asking about my Wedding Hair look so, I’m going to share with you my secret …

On the very top of my “wedding look wish list” was to have long, bohemian bridal locks. Most brides dream of having long, gorgeous, flowing hair on their wedding day. You know those thick, luscious locks that fill out a good up do or fall softly down your back … dreamy. Well … Ask and you shall receive!

Cue my hair-apist & hairy godfather Ricardo Lauritzen and the help of his good friends at SHE Hair Extensions and you have #MakeoverMagic.

SHE Hair Extensions are the crème del la crème for hair extensions. For my wedding look Ricardo and the team at SHE gave me the most perfect strand-by-strand keratin tipped extensions in the longest length possible. The keratin tips are permanent and blend and move naturally with your existing hair but SHE also offers other alternatives if your not up for the full keratin commitment. SHE offers tape- in strips, clip ins, wefts and wigs!

SHE also offers over 90 colors (including ombre) as well as fantasy colors. The reason I love this so much is that I have NEVER colored my hair. Yep … that’s a true story folks… I am quite literally a natural blonde.

Because my hair color is natural, it has so many different tones to it just from the sun, so Ricardo was able to achieve my exact color match by using SHE Hair Extensions. No one would know I have them they look so natural but I am not ashamed of telling people that I have hair extensions and damn good ones at that – I embrace it!

I’ll be honest with you – getting your dream hair takes a couple of hours but with your hair-apist, some good tunes & a laptop it’s amazing what you can accomplish while magic is in the making!

Thank You SO much to the HAIRY GODFATHERS!



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