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DIY Foam Tool Organizer

Paige Paige

This is a really cool DIY that actually makes foam outlines for all of your smaller tools like pliers and wrenches and drill bits and will help keep your tool cabinet organized for years to come!

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You Will Need:

You will need to find, or make a wooden box, or you can do this with a drawer.  You will also need all of the tools you want to outline, as well as a t-shirt, spray foam fill, and something heavy to weigh it down.

How To:

  1. Make a wood box, or you can do this with an old drawer.
  2. Align the tools in the box any way you would like.
  3. Take a t-shirt and lay it over the tools.
  4. Take spray foam and fill the box. This will fill all of the areas around the tools.
  5. Then set a heavy object on top of a board to keep it in place and the foam will automatically surround the tools.
  6. Let it set overnight and the next day you have your outline that holds your tools in place for years!

foam tool end image

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