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DIY Holiday Leaf Art

Paige Paige

The Holiday Season is upon us and I wanted to come up with an easy and affordable way to add décor to your home for the Holidays. Since a lot of people in the US are spending a lot more time indoors (due to the cold weather) I decided to take the outdoors-indoors! This is a great DIY that you can do with your kids for the holidays or just a DIY that you can do for your everyday home décor. Today we are just focusing on a Holiday theme, but you can choose any color to fit any occasion.

On a side Note:

You can use either real leaves from your own backyard (fun activity for the kiddies) or you can buy fake leaves if you are looking for something al little more specific! Just make sure the leaves lay flat. If they don’t, stick them under a book to flatten them out. If you can’t find the exact leaves you want, you can print a picture from the internet on card stock and use that.

leaf how to image

You Will Need:
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Leaves (real or fake)
  • Adhesive
  • Spray paint

How To:

1. Paint Canvas

2. Let dry

3. Choose your leaves and make sure they are flat

4. Spray with adhesive

5. Lay leaves flat on canvas

6. Lightly spray paint over the leaves

7. Immediately remove leaves so they do not stick to canvas

8. Let paint dry

9. Hang or place your beautiful new art around the home and enjoy you craft sensation!

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This is such a great DIY to do with the kids these holidays! Make sure you share your DIY’s with us on Instagram and twitter. Just tag @paigehemmis and hashtag #DIYhome #DIYplay #EPFholidays

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