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Engagement Party on a Budget


Christmas and New Year is a time full of romantic proposals and with that in mind I’m looking into my crystal ball and I predict that there are going to be Engagement Parties to prepare for just around the corner. Here are some important things to consider when planning!

Choose Your Style 

Is your occasion going to be a formal affair with suits and ties and long flowing gowns? Or perhaps you want a cocktail party with delicious beverages and finger food circulating the floor with you favorite DJ? Or maybe your a casual couple who would prefer  little backyard BBQ get-together barefoot on the grass!? Whatever your style pick it and stick with it! It’s important to know the tone you want to set for you and your guests.

Theme & Color Palette

Once you have picked your party style it’s always fun to pick a theme or  good strong color palette. This helps guide you throughout the entire planning process from invitations to dress code, floral arrangements and decor. For example, Boho Chic is super on trend still … it’s a relaxed version of a cocktail party, it looks gorgeous in photos and is an affordable way to throw a party that looks great. Whatever you decide let it express your couple style!

Dress Code

This seems self explanatory but I cannot express it enough … make sure your guests know your dress code. Print it on your invitations and make it clear. If it’s a black tie event you don’t want Uncle Arnold turn up in his t-shirt and flip flops. it’s awkward for everyone.


Choose your decor to fit your theme. You don’t have to send a lot for a big effect. You can pick up great bargains at your local thrift shop and there are so many party sources online. Florals are a great way to brighten up a room and your can create them yourself by heading to your local farmers or flower market the day before! Tea light candles are a super cheat way to add ambience to your evening and if it’s in your budget string lights look so pretty if it’s an evening affair. My other top tip is take shots of you the happy couple or if your planning for the happy couple take pis of them and have them blown up on to yardstick. Walgreens does this in about an hour and they look so great put up around your party space and are  perfect keep sake to keep in your home together.

Play List

Please don’t stop the music! Music is so important to set the tone for your party. Your playlist not only helps the awkward silence when guests first start arriving but it also let’s your guests know what to expect for your festivities. Is it swing, jazz and blues, top 40 hits, 80’s, mashups? If you ant light background music so your guests can chatter think about that, if you want your guests up on the danced floor raging then you better pick one hell of a play list!


Depending on your style and theme will depend on the food you choose. Remember at engagement parties there is usually a little alcohol consumed so we want food to help soak up the boozed. However, if you don’t have a huge budget and nibbles is your thing, consider throwing your soire after lunch and finish it before dinner so people aren’t expecting you to feed them a buffet meal.


This one is always a huge point of contention. Do you higher a bartender, or is it self serve? Do you just serve wine and beer? Do you add spirits to the mix?  Whatever you decide make sure you have enough non-alcoholic options available for your designated drivers and those who would prefer not to drink. Iced Tea’s are a winner and a non-alcoholic punch option is always great. My other great tip is to invest in purchasing cases of bottles of water. Hydration for your guests is SUPER important. You’ll tank me later. Another tip is to consider a drink station. It’s been proven if you give your guests less options they will just drink what you’ve supplied … bonus!


#hashtags … the world is all about them these days and let me tell you they are perfect for your engagement party, wedding or any big event you have going on that you want access to the millions of memories captured from all different perspectives that you may have missed. Create your hashtag, make sure your guests know it and put it frames from the dlld store around the room! Encourage your guests t become the photographers for your party and use your hashtag when they share them with the world. This way you have access totem all too!

Here are my Top 6 Budget Friendly Ideas…

1. Skip the bartender: Turn a dresser into a drink station by adding pitchers, cups, straws and decorum.
2. Save on photography: Create a hashtag for your party and have guests take pictures and upload them to the hashtag.
3. Décor idea: Take photos of the two of you and have them blown up at a photo center. Place photos throughout your venue.
4. Location, Location, Location: Save on location cost by having your party at a non-traditional location such as a backyard.
5. Cut cost on a DJ: Play music off of your play list.
6. Save on Food: Create a cheese platter or have appetizers to serve to guests.

Are you planning an Engagement Party? Share with us in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYplay

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