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DIY Wire Easter Bunny Place Cards


Easter is only days away folks and if you’re anything like me, this year Easter has snuck up on you and its here before I’ve even had time to really think about it! I’ll be honest … I have kind of left things to the last minute. Whoops.

So this is a DIY for all of my last minute hustlers that will help you look like you’ve been planning that Easter Brunch for months! You only need a couple of materials and a can do attitude. It’s also a great family friendly DIY, so I might even suggest to get everyone involved … many hands make light work if you know what I mean?

What are you waiting for? HOP to it!

You Will Need

  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Cardstock (for the names of your place settings)


  1. Take your wire and create a small circle roughly 2 inches in diameter, Make sure to loop the end on itself to secure it into place.
  1. Repeat this step over your existing circle to create two loops. This will be the base of your bunny silhouette.
  1. Bend your wire to the middle and create another circle that is vertical to your base. Create this circle about 3 inches in diameter. Repeat this step to form two loops like you did with the base. This will be the bunny’s body.
  1. Create another circle on top of the body circle. This will be the head of your bunny. This circle should be about 1.5 inches and loop twice as you did in steps 2 & 3.
  1. Next you need to create the ears for your bunny! Take your wire and bend into two oval shapes that will meet at the tope of you head. Loop twice for each ear.
  1. Keep in mind that between the two ears is where you will insert your place cards when your bunny is finished.
  1. Cut any excess wire using your wire cutters.
  1. Now you have a foundation for your bunny you can spend some time adjusting and manipulating the wire to make it look more like a bunny but DON’T WORRY it’s not supposed to be perfect … that’s part of it’s charm.
  1. Insert your name cards and set on your gorgeous Easter Table and wait for the gushing comments on this cute little DIY to come.

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If you missed the episode check it out by heading over to Home & Family where you can watch how-to step by step!



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