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DIY Travel Map Magents


We have so many great memories over the years – whether we stayed in for a stay-cation, or we went on vacation for fun, for visiting friends and family, or even for work, we have many great memories associated with the places we visited.  Why not turn that place into a magnet that you can put on the fridge to remind you of a special time? SO much fun!

This could also be a fun game/learning tool with your grandparents (or grandchildren) to share stories of  where they used to live or where they traveled. And let’s not stop there…This would work for a variety of reasons, and since we are thinking about June Weddings, this could be a great way to commemorate a first date, an engagement or even a wedding location. Here is how to get started.

You Will Need:

  • Maps (You can use real maps or map scrapbook paper)
  • Scissors
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush or paint brush
  • Small frames (2”x3” work the best)
  • Self-adhesive magnets (I got a variety pack of round magnets)
  • Hot glue
  • Ruler
  • Flat clear marbles (usually used as glass filler)


1. Measure the space that you have for your map.  If you are using the frame, measure the inside space.  If you are measuring the marble, add a little bit extra to account for the slight bend in the marble.

2. Pick an area on the map that you would like to focus on, commemorating the event. For the frames, you have a little more room to show off a city or even street names.  For the marbles, you will really just have the name of the city, state or landmark (whatever you choose is up to you!)

3. For the frames: Cut out the area on the map and set it in to the frame. Secure into place with the backing.  If the backing feels flimsy, add hot glue to keep it in place.

4. For the marbles: Cut out the area of the map, and spread mod podge on the top of it.  Attach it to the bottom of the marble.  At first the image will appear milky, then when it dries it will be clear.

5. Once both items are dry, attach a magnet that is smaller than the frame or the marble to the back of the item with hot glue.  Let dry.

6. Put the frames and marbles up and have instant memories!


1.     Fun Fact: When using the marble, it will actually magnify the writing from the map.

2.     For the flat marbles, you can find them in the “vase filler” portion of your craft store, or online.

3.     These are great to do as a family to remember your favorite vacations over the years.

4.     These are also great to give as gifts. For the wedding one, you could add the wedding date over the map.

5.     Small frames might be hard to find.  Another thing to look for online or in craft stores are place card holders for weddings. These are typically 2”x3” and usually come in a multi-pack. This just means you can use more!

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