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DIY Surfboard Mirror


Are you looking for that beach vacation vibe in your home but don’t have the time to get to the beach!? Well have I got decor for you that will make you feel as if your beachfront and watching the waves roll in. Say hello to summer and to my DIY Surfboard Mirror! Here is how to get started.

You Will Need:

  • Surfboard
  • Solid surface wall mirrored circles
  • Paint
  • Ruler/ Straight edge


1. Get a surfboard.

2. Make sure the surfboard is dry and clean. If there is wax on the board then check with your local board shop to see how to safely remove the wax

3. Paint the board using acrylic/craft paint. Let dry.

4. Add the mirrors. Start with the largest mirrors first and then place the smaller mirrors around it. Use a straight edge or ruler to smooth out.

5. Lean or hang with a surfboard rack

6. Enjoy your new mirror!

If you missed the episode or want to see it in action then check it out hereTell us what you think in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram so follow @PaigeHemmis #PaigeDIY

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