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DIY She Shed

Paige Paige

This week I teamed up with the very talented, very amazing Ms. Orly Shani. Not only is she a complete rock star on Home and Family each week, she also runs her own business, and has two kids and a hubby to take care of!  She’s a busy woman! But all of us need some time to ourselves, just for us.

So men have their “man caves”, and I’ve created lots of man caves in homes that we flip, and even at home for my hubby. But what about us gals? Well, women everywhere are hopping on board to have their own special spot: “She-Sheds!” The idea behind the She-Sheds is for women to get their own little hideaway where they can escape from their daily stresses. This idea really took off and women started to transform their backyard sheds into their own girly-getaway areas. If you just google “She-Sheds”, hundreds of photos will pop up of women posting their very own “She-Shed” creations. They are as varied, beautiful and unique as the women who create them.

When building a She-Shed it’s all about working with the space you have available. Our shed is only 7×7 (49 Square feet) which isn’t that big but it’s just enough space to get away and relax. You can go big or go small and keep it cozy.

The true material list will be up to your imagination! For us, we started with paint and a paint brush. We painted the outside to look shabby chic with dry-brush technique. Well…truth be told, we painted the shed the night before the segment, and due to the cold temps and condensation, when we arrived at work we were met with a shabby-chic job by mother nature!  So we embraced it and painted the rest of it to match with a dry-brush technique. We also added a lantern to the front for additional light. We laid down some fake grass and some fake flowers in pots.

Inside the shed we hung fabric curtains to cover up the walls, which we hung with regular ¾” curtain rods. Then we pillaged the house for extras. We brought in a chair we found to lounge around and relax on. We also added a beautiful chandelier for elegance and light. We added an easel to paint, some paint brushes, some crafting supplies, a tea and tea pot, some wine and wine glasses, and some flowers. But you can customize your own shed and add all of the things you would like to have at your disposal.

We added a fold-down table for some extra work space while it’s down and extra storage space when it is up.  Here are the materials and directions for the fold-down table.

Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome actors Shemar Moore and Nadja Alaya from "The Bounce Back.” Radio personality Ellen K visits our home. Blue Ribbon Baker Marjorie Johnson makes delicious candy cane cookies. Dr. Ken Kosik shares groundbreaking news about fighting Alzheimer's. Hallmark Keepsake artists Orville Wilson and Kris Gaughran show us new "Star Wars" ornaments. Kym Douglas has tips to keep our skin soft this season. Ken Wingard creates a festive lantern snow village. Paige Hemmis and Orly Shani team up for DIY she-sheds. Matt Rogers is here with his favorite stocking stuffer gifts. Credit: © 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC | Photo: Alexx Henry Studios, LLC / jeremy lee

Materials for the fold-down table

  • 6 ½ x2 Wood Boards
  • 4 1×2 Wood Boards
  • 2 Small L-Brackets
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail gun
  • Nails
  • Screw gun
  • Screws (various sizes)
  • 2 Piano Hinges
  • Latch


  1. Line 6 ½x2 boards side by side
  2. At top end of the wood boards, run 1 1×2 board perpendicular to the other to act as a support
  3. Nail in place
  4. On opposite side, attach another 1×2 board (perpendicular to the other boards) by using a L-bracket. Secure in place using wood glue and screws.
  5. Attach 1 1×2 wood board to both corners of the 1×2 board that you secured in place with a L-bracket, and secure in place with nails and/or screws. This will act as the two legs of the table
  6. Connect table to door using piano hinges.
  7. Fold up the table and attach a hinge to keep it folded up against door
  8. Attach your latch to the door and your table for easy storage.

Ladies….create your own she-shed and send us pictures of your creation!  Enjoy!

Want to create your own ‘She Shed’ at home? Tell us what style you would create? Share with us in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYfengshui  #DIYplay

If you missed the episode check it out here!



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