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DIY Secret Storage Jars


I love gathering recipes from friends and family and giving the dish a try myself!  It’s always exciting when you have a secret recipe passed down from generations past…You can make the dish, but never reveal the recipe!  So how do you keep the recipe safe and hidden?  This is a HUGE issue for the Belvedere family in “Roux the Day: A Gourmet Detective Mystery” on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.  And while my DIY doesn’t involve as much drama, it is VERY fun to create a hiding place for such treasures.  And why stop at recipes?  You could hide away other trinkets and hide them in plain site!  To your guests, it will just look like a decorate kitchen item…but to those of us who know, it is much more exciting than that! Here is how you can get started. Storing extra kitchen supplies is not an easy task, as some of these supplies need extra protection. Many reliable storage companies in Sydney provide a variety of storage options for storing kitchen supplies easily and without any hassle.  

You Will Need:

  • Mason jars in a variety of sizes like 64 oz, 32 oz and a 16 oz
  • Cardboard tubes cut to size to fit inside each jar
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Masking tape
  • Red beans
  • Bowtie pasta
  • Tri-colored fusilli
  • Clear silicone tube sealant
  • Decorations/ribbon/twine for the rim of the jar


1. Make sure that your cardboard tube is the correct size for your jar. If it’s too big, you can cut it down to fit.

2. Add a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of the cardboard tube and immediately set it into the jar in the middle on the bottom. Hold in place until it sets up completely.

3. Add the ingredient to the jar, around the cardboard tube. Make sure that the tube is completely covered and there are no gaps. You want to make the jar look like it is completely full of just the ingredient.

PRO TIP: Put some masking tape over the top of the tube to ensure you don’t get any of the ingredient in there.

4. If you plan to move this around a lot, add some clear silicone sealant to the top of the ingredient, leave the tube exposed. You don’t need to do this if it’s just going to sit in your kitchen as décor.

5. If desired add a ribbon to the top cap area, set in your kitchen and enjoy your little secret!

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