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DIY Sea Shell Nightlights


When I was little, every year we used to visit my grandma and grandpa in Florida, and one of my favorite things to do was to walk on the beach and collect sea shells.  The shells in Florida were so different than anything I would find at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, or the California beaches.  I used to collect them all in a mason jar and take them home with me.  I was always thinking up projects to use them for, but mainly they stayed in the jar waiting for the perfect project to come along!  Well….now it has!  I am going to use a variety of shells to make nightlights!  Not only will it light your way, but it will remind you of when you got that shell!  Memories! Here is how to get started!

You Will Need:

  • LED plug in night lights (IMPORTANT TO USE LED)
  • A variety of shells (whether you picked them up at a beach or bought them at a store – still beautiful!)
  • Hot glue
  • E-6000


  1. Go through your shell collection and pick shells that will be big enough to cover the light bulb of the night light.  I am using a sand dollar, star fish, and several beautiful shells.
  2. If your shells are from the sea, make sure you clean and dry them thoroughly.  Having sand (or even dust) will prevent the glue from properly adhering to the shell.
  3. Take the bulb out of the night light.  Pick a place that has a flat surface that will not interfere with the bulb, and glue your shell into place.  I’m using hot glue to hold it immediately and E-6000 to help it stay strong over time.  Set aside to dry.
  4. Plug in your night light and enjoy the ambient lighting, and the memories!


1.     It is very important to use LED lights because they will stay relatively cool.  If you use regular bulbs, it might get too hot and either loosen the glue or burn the shell.  We don’t want fire hazards!

2.     If you don’t have a shell large enough, you can put a bunch of shells together to make a structure for your night light.

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