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DIY Rolling Garment Rack


Orly and I have been searching for a home for her and her family for almost a year now! She was looking for the perfect house and has now found it.  Yay!  And while it is amazing in so many ways, it needs a bit more closet space for a fashionista like Orly!  They have one room in the house that is a pass through office, so they will take that space and turn it into closet space.  By making a DIY Rolling Rack, she can make this room a closet for now, but move it around if they have guests staying in that room, or when they eventually resell their home.

This is such a fun idea, you can create many levels depending on your needs. If you had someone install this it could cost the big bucks but this is very easy to make, has a cool industrial look to it and it’s much sturdier than the clothing racks you see at retail stores or can buy at the big furniture stores.

What’s also great is you can optimize your space and view your wardrobe easily!

This way, Orly can have a clean, streamlined look and can display what she wants or needs depending on her projects.  Then she can roll it out of the way when she needs to!

If you want to make one exactly like ours, these are the items that you will need.  Feel free to change up dimensions and make it perfect for you and your space.

You Will Need:

  • 2 of ¾” PLYWOOD cut to 2’ x 6’ (this will be for the top and the bottom of the rack)
  • 4 of 24” PLYWOOD ROUNDS, 1” thick
  • ¾” GALVINIZED PIPE in several lengths:
    • 6 @ 18” long
    • 7 @ 8” long
    • 4 @ 4” long
    • 2 @ 5’ long
    • 4 Elbows connectors @ 90 degrees
    • 2 T connectors (or 3-way)
    • 4 H connectors (or 4-way)
  • 16 FLANGES
  • 6 3” CASTER WHEELS (2 that are locking)
  • 16 of ¾” screws
  • 8 of 1 ¼” bolts (1/4” thick)
  • 8 ¼” nuts
  • 8 locking washers
  • 8 flat washers


  1. Once you’ve picked up all of your materials, it’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle – think of Lincoln Logs- you want to have everything set out prior to tightening the pipes, and pick one direction to work from, as each pipe is attached to the next. If need be, use a pipe wrench to tighten the joints.
  2. Add 6 casters to the bottom of the 2’ x 6’ board, leaving the locking casters on the outside.
  3. Build the structure according to the video, ending with securing the top to the structure.  Replace the bottom screws with your bolts, nuts and washers.
  4. You can leave this as is, or you can paint it.  We painted the wood white and the galvanized pipe copper using spray paint.

Low on space and have some closet #inspo for us? Share in the comments below!  If you missed the episode or want to see it in action then check it out here. Tell us what you think in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram so follow @PaigeHemmis #PaigeDIY



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