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DIY Reclaimed Wood Table

Paige Paige

Reclaimed wood furniture is really trendy and popular at the moment, but finding true reclaimed wood to do it yourself is also pretty pricey! I am going to show you a way that you can update your current coffee table to be stylish, gorgeous and best of all…affordable all while having that expensive look!

You may have a table that needs an upgrade…whether it’s a dining table, a coffee table, and end table…you get the drift.  Buying a new table is so expensive!  So keep the one you have and breath new life into it.

Personally, I love the rustic look and I love the look a reclaimed wood, but it’s so expensive, except the ones you find on the Selling apps! So I’ve found a way to create the same look on a budget! You are going to love my DIY Reclaimed Wood Table.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Table

You Will Need:

  • Coffee table that needs some love
  • 1/4” plywood cut to the size of your table top. Mine is 31 ½” x 57”.
  • Scrap pieces of wood (I bought scraps from a woodshop online)
  • Paints and or stains (any colors you would like) I will be using red, black, gray and white
  • Any scrap book paper pattern that you would like
  • Mod podge
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Sand paper (or electric palm sander)
  • OPTIONAL: Glass for the top of the table. Mine is 35” x 60” to fit on top of the frame.  Call your local glass store for prices.  Ask them to include the table stops (little rubber pieces) for the corners of the glass.

paige-and-tableHow To:

  1. Disassemble your current table top.
  2. Set in your ¼” plywood piece into place and secure it with screws (you may be able to use the existing screws from the old table).
  3. Take your scrap pieces of wood and paint them, stain them or add paper to them.
  4. Once your scrap pieces are dry, sand them back using sand paper to your desired look.
  5. Lay out your scrap pieces on your plywood and arrange them (similar to putting together a puzzle). You can move them around until you find a nice pattern that you like. You may need to cut down some of the scrap boards to fit. You can do this with a hand saw, circular saw or miter saw.
  6. Once your layout is set, take your hot glue to the back side of the scraps and glue them to the plywood. You can be generous with your glue and push into place.
  7. Repeat this until all pieces of your wood are set.
  8. Add a top piece of glass to the entire frame, covering your coffee table. You will want this measurement to be to the outer-most frame.  Use glass tabs (little rubber tabs) to hold the glass into place.

Voila! Enjoy your new Reclaimed Wood Table with an old world look!

OPTIONAL: If you table’s legs are metal, try using a grinder to buff up the metal.  Since this will be a “reclaimed” looking table, a rough metal would look great.

Have you made something amazing and stylish from scrap pieces of wood? Share with us in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYfengshui 

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