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With the weather still pretty cold outside, it’s the perfect time for us to stay snuggled up inside and watch our favourite Hallmark Movies. And for me, I love doing some crossword puzzles too. With that being said, this Sunday, we get a little of both with the premier of Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For which actually inspired my DIY today. Crossword Art! Here is how to get started.

You Will Need:

  • 10” x 10” wooden squares (or desired size)
  • Vinyl letters (be sure to get properly sized letters for your specific squares)
  • Hanging strips (or saw-toothed hangers)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


1. Measure and mark the center of your wooden square, so that your letters are perfectly centered.

2. Attach your vinyl letters to your wooden squares, based on what words you want to make.

TIP: If wooden squares are non-painted or non-treated, vinyl letters will stick better. If they ARE painted/treated, use sandpaper to rough up the wooden square before attaching vinyl.

3. Use hanging strips or saw-toothed hangers to hang letters onto wall, based on the crossword design you desire.

4. OPTIONAL: Add embellishments, if desired.

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If you missed the episode check it out by heading over to Home & Family!



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