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DIY Pine Cone Centre Piece


Spring has sprung! We are officially moving out of Winter and into Spring. Everything gets a little brighter and more colorful as the temperature heats up. Sad about leaving Winter behind? (Is there such a thing?)  Well just in case there is…Here’s a way to bring your Winter leftovers into Spring….With Pinecone Flowers! These are the best kind of flowers for my household for two reasons:

  1. I can’t keep anything alive. What’s the opposite of green thumb? Whatever it is, I have it. I can’t keep plants, especially ones with flowers, alive at all. I’ve tried. I throw in the little white flag of defeat!
  2. Fake flowers assure that my kitties won’t get sick. I’ve heard that so many flowers this time of year can make our little feline friends very sick, so I’m going the fake route to ensure kitty healthiness…all while brightening up my house!

Some of my favorite flowers are zinnias and gerbera daisies…they are so colorful and just make me smile. They also look dangerously close to the bottom of a pine cone. Hmmm…do you see where I’m going with this?  We can make flowers like this from pine cones! I know … how fabulous is that? Here is how you get started …

You Will Need:

  • Dry Pine Cone (you can find these in nature or a craft store)
  • Spray paint (in the colors of your choosing)
  • Acrylic paint (in the colors of your choosing)
  • Artist paint brushes
  • Large decorative bowl


  1. Make sure that your pine cones are clean and dry.
  2. The bottom of the pinecone will be the flower, so snap off all of the pieces from the top of the pinecone about half way down.
  3. Spray paint the entire pinecone one color.
  4. Use the acrylic paint to add extra flower details.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Using your large decorative bowl, fill the bowl with your new pinecone flowers.
  7. Enjoy your new centerpiece!
  8. You can also do red ones for Christmas time!

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If you missed the episode check it out by heading over to Home & Family where you can watch how-to step by step!



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