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DIY Oversized Ornaments


One of the most iconic signs of Christmas is ornaments.  When you break out the ornaments from Christmases past and hang them on your tree, it reminds you of where you were and when you got each ornament. It’s nostalgic and fun all at the same time.  So I’ve decided to take ornaments to the next level and make them oversized!  If you saw my DIY yesterday, you will know that I was inspired by an amazing blog called Kailo Chic.  Well I’m continuing that today with another one of her fun and adorable DIY’s. Here is how to get started.

You Will Need:

  • Floral foam balls in a variety of sizes. I chose 12”, 10”, and 8”.
  • Acrylic paint in fun colors
  • Large paint brush
  • 18 gauge crafting wire in gold
  • PVC end caps 3”
  • 2” deli cups (2” diameter at the opening)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Drill with drill bit
  • Foam glue
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Glitter (optional)


  1. Paint your foam balls with your paint brush and acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Spray paint would be a whole lot easier but beware – spray paint actually eats into Styrofoam with will make your ball look like the surface of the moon!  So even though it might take longer, the good old-fashioned paint brush and acrylic paint in the way to go!  If you want to add glitter to your ornaments, now is the time to do it when the paint is still wet.
  2. For your tops, we are going to be using the PVC end caps and the deli cups.
  3. Take your drill and drill bit and drill two holes into each end cap and deli cup.
  4. Here’s where you get to spray paint! Take your PVC end caps and your deli cups outside and give them a coat of gold spray paint.  Make sure you even get the holes that you just drilled. Set aside to dry.
  5. Once everything has dried, add your wire to the holes of your caps to resemble a hook at the top of an ornament. Bend the ends underneath the cap and use hot glue to secure into place.
  6. Take your cap and push it slightly into the Styrofoam ball to create an indent.
  7. You can use hot glue on a low setting or Styrofoam glue to secure the cap to the ornament.
  8. Enjoy your cute oversized ornaments!

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