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DIY Mason Jar Flag

Paige Paige

The mighty mighty mason jar! It certainly has had a revamp and regained it’s popularity since the good old food preservation days. Mason jars are now used not only for preservation purposes, but as rustic chic decor and cute beverage holders, Cheers!

We used our DIY Mason Jars for fresh flowers. Flowers are always great to add to any party decor. They can finish off or pull together your theme so well and require little effort for a maximum result. For this years 4th of July party, rather than opting for a traditional vase, try these DIY Mason Jar Flag vases. They look super cute and are reusable and multi-functional … winning!

DIY Mason Jar Flag

You will need:

  • three large mason jars
  • red, white & blue acrylic paint
  • painters tape
  • star stencil
  • paint brushes and/or sponges

How To:

  1. Paint 2 mason jars white and one mason jar blue using acrylic paints.
  2. Take your two white mason jars and tape off your stripes using painters tape. Paint in between the painters tape with red acrylic paint to create your flag stripes.
  3. Take your blue mason jar and using your star stencil paint on your stars using white acrylic paint with either a fine paint brush or a paint pong if easier.
  4. Remove the painters tape when dry and voila! There you have it … three incredibly cute mason jars ready for decorating.

Happy DIY-ing!



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