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DIY Hot Glue Coral Art

Paige Paige

Coral art décor is a huge trend in home décor at the moment.  In the past, this was reserved for decorating beach houses or resort areas.  Not anymore!  It’s beautiful and can enhance any décor you have at home, no matter where you live.  But there’s no need to hurt our coral supply in the ocean.  Leave that alone and create something that looks like coral art with items you may already have lying around the house!  You will not only be saving the coral, you’ll be saving your wallet.
Here is how to get started!
You Will Need:
  • 12-guage craft wire (silver)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Wire cutter
  • Small piece of wood
  • Spray paint (any color you would like! I’ll be using white, aqua and red.)
  • Acrylic paint (black or brown for the base)


1. Take several pieces of your wire and cut them in different lengths from about 8” – 12” long.

2. Arrange the wires together and secure them to each other by bending the wire around itself at the base. Leave about an inch or two below to attach that to your wooden base.

3. Lay your structure down on a surface that glue will not stick to (glass, plastic, etc.) If you set it on anything else, you will lift that surface (like paper) and it will not look good.

4. Take your glue gun and add glue around the wire on the top side. You don’t have to be perfect – actually, the more imperfect and chunkier, the better.

5. Once your wires are covered in glue, take your glue gun back and forth across the top of your structure, making a webbed effect.

6. Let dry.

7. Once dry, carefully lift the structure off your surface and turn it over. Repeat the process on the other side.

8. Let dry.

9. Once dry, spray paint the structure in the color of your choosing.

10. Take the base wires and set them on a small piece of wood.

11. Take your glue gun and OVER glue the base to the wood. It should look chunky.

12. Let it dry.

13. Paint the base and the new base you created all one color with your acrylic paint black or brown or stain it with you choice of wood stain.

Voila! Enjoy your new coral structure for a fraction of the cost!

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