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DIY Fountain


Nothing quite makes a Bold & Beautiful statement like a gorgeous water feature in your front yard … or back yard. So in honor of the Bold & the Beautiful I decided to show you folks at home how to create one for yourself.
Here’s how you get started …
You Will Need:
  • Rumble Stones- Rhombus shaped (Enough to make 3 Layers)
  • Waterproof Plastic Sheeting
  • 4 Plastic or Clay Pots (They need to be sturdy, and not the flimsy plastic kind)
  • Fountain Pump (Make sure it is strong enough for the amount of water you want to use)
  • Liquid Nails
  • Plywood


1. Choose a flat area to build you fountain, or use a large piece of plywood to level the fountain

2. Stack the rumble stone in a circular pit, 3 layers high

3. Place the waterproof plastic sheeting inside of the layered rumble stone. Line the inside and sandwich the ends of the sheet between the 2nd and 3rd layers of stone. Cut off excess that extends beyond the fountain.

4. Take your ‘base pot’ and carve a small archway for the pump’s power cable fit underneath.

5. Place the base pot, opening down, into the center of the rumble stones. Place the pump inside, with the intake tubing facing out of the archway and the output tubing up through the bottom of the pot. The pump must be fully submerged when water is added.

6. Place your next 3 pots, staggered, with the final pot facing upward. Feed the tube through each pot until the tube reaches the inside of the top bowl/pot.

7. Decorate the top of your fountain with your favorite statue.

8. Use liquid nails to seal between each pot.

9. Spray Paint the pots with stone textured spray paint. (Apply a sealant to the coat of paint so that the paint can withstand constant water)

10. Add enough water to fill to the top of the pond lining

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