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As you all know, I’m a kitty lover…whether it’s a great big tiger, or my three kitties who fancy themselves as tigers…I love them!  So today I’m making something that my kitties will enjoy…a DIY scratching post with a little twist…my kitties will look like they are scratching records!

Cats innately like to scratch their nails, and if you do not provide them a place where they can scratch, they will find their own.  If you have a cat that goes outside, they will most likely find a tree to scratch on.  If you have an inside-only cat, you must provide a place to scratch!  Since we just moved into a new house, my kitties been experimenting with new places to scratch.  So far, the overall winner has been the carpet.  In an effort to change that, I’ll provide them with their own scratching pad.

There is a company that sells a toy for kitties called the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. They sell replacement pieces for the middle that are only $5.94.

Mix those replacement pads with a free Fed-Ex shipping box, and you are good to go for your kitty DJ scratching station.  You could leave it just like this, or you can jazz it up to look like your kitty is scratching tunes!  And that’s what I am going to show you today.

 You Will Need:

  • Round Bergan Turbo replacement pads (scratching cardboard circle)
  • Black and silver acrylic paint
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue and glue gun
  • Fed-ex box
  • Thick straw
  • Black ribbon with paw prints (or a leash)
  • Four (4) Bun feet
  • Small box
  • Various stickers (If you want to make your own, you can glue them on or print them on adhesive paper and stick them on)
  • OPTIONAL: Cat nip 


  1. Paint your fed ex box black.
  2. Take your scratching cardboard circle, your small box and straw and lay them on top of the fed ex box to make sure everything can fit properly.
  3. Outline in pencil where you’d like everything to go.
  4. Take your glue gun to the bottom of the circle, making sure to get all sides so that it sticks properly.
  5. Stick the circle in place.
  6. Take your small box and cut with your craft knife a hole in the side of the box for your straw. This will mimic the tone arm of your record player.
  7. Take your card stock and make a small rectangular box by folding a small portion of it. This will mimic the stylus (needle) of the tone arm.
  8. Take your ribbon and wrap the outside of the scratching circle, using hot glue to keep it in place.
  9. Attach your cardstock and small box to your straw and glue into place.
  10. Glue the small box on the board, making it look like the needle is on the record.
  11. Add any stickers or decoration you want. I put stickers around the box, and a circle sticker in the middle with my cat’s picture.
  12. Add a bit of catnip to the middle of the board, and have your cat scratch away!


  1. For the top of the scratching circle, use catnip oil or dried catnip to create the scent kitties love. This will attract them to the cardboard and let them know that they are allowed to scratch and play.
  2. Print band names that have cats in their name…or make up your own like: Josie and the pussy cats, Pussy Cat Dolls, Lil’ Meow Meow (instead of lil’ bow wow).

I love quirky DIY’s like this, if you have something fun to create at home for your pets share with us in the comments below. Remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @PaigeHemmis

If you missed the episode check it out by heading over to Home & Family where you can watch how-to step by step!



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