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DIY Clock End Table


The new trend in design is to take unusual items and use them in a very functional way.  An example of this is turning a wall clock into an end table, which would make anything from a library or office to the center of your entertaining room look and feel more special.  I love taking items that you wouldn’t normally see in other applications.  So in the spirit of that love, I’m making an end table out of an old clock.

Here is how to get started …

You Will Need:

  • New or old large clock (you want something more than 18” in diameter)
  • Large stair baluster
  • Plywood round
  • 4 corbels (those typically used for under-mount installations)
  • Screws
  • Screw gun
  • Wood Glue


1. Measure the diameter of your clock.

2. Cut the plywood round just a bit under the clock’s diameter.

3. Decide the height that you would like. A typical end table is usually 22 – 30 inches, but it should be equal to (or just below) that height of the sofa arms.

4. Cut the stair baluster that height, as that will be the support of the table.

5. Screw in the baluster to the plywood round which will secure it to the clock.

6. Take your corbels and attach them to the bottom of the baluster, face down. This will give
the table extra support.

7. Attach the clock to the round.

8. Voila! You did it! Now use it and display it with pride! If you’d like to paint it, you can surely do that!

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