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DIY Christmas Tissue Jars


The holidays are upon us!  And sadly for me that also means the sniffles are upon us. I always have allergies and literally have a box of tissues in every room of the house (and my car).  Instead of regular tissue boxes, I thought I would make fun tissue jars that capture the holiday spirit.  Just because I have the sniffles, doesn’t mean my home décor has to suffer.  I love that these are useful and decorative. Win win! Here is how you can create yours at home.

You Will Need:

  • White Card stock
  • Craft knife
  • Mason Jars, 24 ounces with wide mouth
  • Felt sheets in a variety of colors
  • Chalk paint in white, red, green and brown
  • Artist paint brushes
  • Paint pens
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots, double-sided tape or hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon in red, green, black and plaid
  • Tissue in round canisters – you will need one each.
  • Optional: For Rudolph, brown pipe cleaners for antlers
  • Optional: For Santa, glitter foam for his belt
  • Optional: For the elf, red felt and gold glitter foam

How – To:

1. Paint your jars with chalk paint in the desired color for each character. White for the snowman, green for the elf and brown for Rudolph. Allow to dry

2. Apply as many coats of chalk paint as needed on each jar for them not to be see through. Allow to dry completely in between each coat.

3. While that is drying you can make the other parts of the DIY, so you are ready to go!

4. First, take the middle part of the two-part lid that comes with the mason jar. Trace the middle part with a pencil onto white cardstock. Cut out the circle.

5. Using your craft knife, score an “X” in the middle. This will serve as the top of the jar that allows the tissue to come out properly. Set aside as this will be one of the last steps.

6. Now create any details you need like the buttons out of a piece of black felt. Using a template when making a circle is always helpful, so find something small and circular to trace.

7. Lay your circles down and take a white paint pen and make four dots that will look like buttonholes. Set aside to dry.

8. Add the details to the jars, such as buttons for the snowman and elf. The elf also has a fun pointed collar.

9. For Rudolph, you can use paint pens to draw the face, or cut shapes from felt or foam sheets.

10. From the tissue canister, remove the bottom cardboard piece so that the entire roll of tissues stays in its shape. Immediately put it into the mason jar.

11. Discard the middle part of the metal lid and replace with the one you made from cardstock. Push a tissue through first so that you start the flow of tissues.

12. Secure the cardstock down by screwing on the outside of the cap.

13. Take your tartan ribbon and wrap it around the lid, which will look like your snowman is wearing a scarf. Tie it off like a scarf. You can add hot glue or glue dots to hold it in place.

14. Continue this process with other friendly Christmas faces and turn your boring tissue boxes into cute little Christmas décor pieces!

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