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There is nothing quite like the splendour of the fall to fill your home and dining room with warmth. What makes you feel more warm and cozy than the beautiful outdoors during the fall? Whether you’re bringing it in directly from outside or use it as inspiration it creates such a magical atmosphere, doesn’t it? And this tablescape I created is no exception. It really has been inspired by nature. You can tell just by looking at these leaf plates. These were actually created by one of Hallmark’s most beloved artistic partners. Her name is Marjolein Bastin and she’s a watercolorist with a real passion for the Natural World. Just look at all the detailing put into the serving plates we used. It truly is remarkable. Even the salt and pepper shakers are so realistic.

Aside from these beautiful, artistic pieces I also included for my tablescape hay. leaves and wheat – lots of elements from the outdoors. Different coloured chargers to give the table some depth and additional color and these adorable Hallmark towels.

The best part  is that all of this gave me the idea to create a nature inspired centrepiece which you too can create at home! Yay! Here is how to create these gorgeous Metal Pumpkin Luminaries.

You Will Need:

  • Small wood rounds
  • Metal Tooling Foil
  • Flat jewelry wire
  • Electrical Scissors or Tin snips
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Emory board
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Marker



1. Cut out 8 petal shapes from your tooling foil.

2. Cut 2 lengths of flat wire that are double the length of your petal shape.

3. Staple one end of your flat wire to the middle of your wood round, then loop over to create a circle and staple the other end. Repeat process with the other wire creating a crisscross at the top.

4. Next, slide your petal under the stapled flat wire. Staple into place. Repeat on all four wires.

5. Then staple more petals in between these petals.

6. Glue a wood round on top, sandwiching the ends of the wire and all your staples in between.
*If desired, cut a round piece of metal to glue on top of wood round. *

7. Glue your petals at the top. Overlapping them.

8. To create your stem’s curly tendrils, cut a long piece of flat wire and curl both ends then glue to top of pumpkin.

9. To create your stem, cut long rectangle shape from metal sheet for stem.

10. Do an accordion fold, about 1” wide. Stretch out and the glue ends together.

11. Glue to the top of pumpkin.

12. Place candle in the center through the slits in your pumpkin.

13. Enjoy!

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