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DIY Angel Wings Wall Art

Paige Paige

Angel wings are VERY on trend this season both in fashion and in home design. The talented Orly just did a segment on adding angel wings to backpacks. There are many installations where people can stand in front of wings for a photo ops all over the city and Orly made butterfly wings in Dollywood that was so amazing and beautiful! So I’ve come up with a way to make these trendy wings as wall art for your home.

You Will Need:
  • ¾” Piece of MDF (4’x4’ would work perfectly)
  • Dremel hand tool
  • White matte paint
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Jigsaw
  • Sand paper
  • 2 French cleats (small)


1. Paint the MDF with white matte paint. Each wing will be 44” x 27.5”, so you only need to paint enough surface area for these two wings.

2. Trace angel wings with a pencil on the MDF. You can free hand this, or print out wings you like and copy those.

3. Cut out the two wings out with a jigsaw.

4. Take your pencil and draw each feather on the MDF.

5. Take your dremel tool and sand away the lines for the feathers. This will be an engraving technique.

6. Take additional sand paper and rough up the edges. You will want it to look rustic, almost like an antique.

7. Turn each wing over and attach one part of the French cleat. The other part of the cleat will go on the wall.

8. Hang the other half of the French cleat on the wall.

9. Hang your wings!

10. Voila! Enjoy your Angel Wing Wall Art!

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