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Designing an Outdoor Space

Paige Paige

An outdoor area at your house can seem a bit difficult to decorate, especially if you just have an open space.  When I flip homes, I always try to make the outdoors look inviting so that someone is not just buying a HOME, they are buying a lifestyle and experience.  There is no better way to do that in my opinion than to build a pergola!  This gives your yard some definition and can create a space that appeals to your family. If chosing one for yourself, ask yourself: “What vibe to I want to create here?” “Do I want an entertaining space, a place for the kids to play, a place for the adults to relax”…and so on and so on.

At my current property, I have two pergolas in the back yard.  One is a relaxing space for a couple of people to chat or just take in the view.  My second pergola doubles as a water fountain over the pool and an outdoor theater with a projector and screen.  My husband and I built these by hand, but it would have been MUCH easier to head down to my local Home Depot or even go to their online store and buy a pergola kit, if you want to ahead and do that then be sure to use a home depot promo code, you can find them online, just click here for more info!

And that is what we did at the Home & Family house. Our side yard had a makeover last year and we’ve loved it!  However, we realized that it gets sun all day long and without any cover, it’s way too hot and way too much sun! So with the help of our friends at The Home Depot, we are changed all that and are created a relaxing, chic space under our new pergola! Check out the episode HERE to see how we transformed this space!


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If you missed the episode check it out by heading over to Home & Family!



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