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Cake Tasting


With all of the stuff going on for a wedding, and the “to-do” list growing and growing, there is one task that rises above the rest as something fun to do! Tasting cake!

Jase and I are currently on a “eating healthy” diet plan from the wonderful and amazing Sophie Uliano, but we got a free pass as we headed down to the Hansen’s Cake shop on Fairfax in Los Angeles. There we were greeted by Mr. Patrick Hansen…7th in line of the Hansen men who’ve owned bakeries since the year 1520. Yep, that’s not a typo…Actually back in the ol’ 1500’s!

We got to sample a lot of yummy cakes, and even chose what kind of cake and filling that will go into each layer. But as for the design – we will leave that up to YOU to choose for us! Mr. Hansen gave us three designs for you to choose from, Exciting! So make sure you head to the Home & Family Facebook Page and find out how your vote counts!

Home and Family 3167 Final Photo Assets

Let me tell you, however, what happens to the bod when you’ve been on a healthy eating diet and haven’t had sugar in about a month, then force-feed your bod a LOT of sugar in a short amount of time. I’ve never tried drugs so I don’t really know what it’s like to be “high” but the buzzing I felt has to be very similar to that feeling. My ears started ringing and buzzing, I got VERY giddy, and Jase and Mr. Hansen looked like they were drifting far away from me, yet I knew they were sitting at the table with me. It was like I was in a fun-house of mirrors and I was the energizer bunny.

We finished our cake tasting and the cameras went away and for me…that’s where the fun began. Mr. Hansen took us on a tour of “back stage” of the bakery. It was AMAZING!!! Take a look…

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