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Better than any gift …

Paige Paige

Our Wedding was beyond my wildest of dreams … I could not have imagined a more beautiful wedding if I tried and the fact that my Home & Family “family” created and exceeded all my expectations fills me with so much love, joy and gratitude. I am blessed.

I have to confess, one of my favorite moments though wasn’t a H&F moment … it was my husband.

Jason singing TO ME (not in front of me, i’ve seen that many times) but actually TO me with his group ARIA was better than any gift I could have received from him. I always tell him that to be able to sing is such a gift and that it should be shared with the world … not everyone can sing you know … I mean, dogs howl when I join in but these boys are so darn talented.


Music is the universal language … the room could be filled with people from all walks of life who speak all different languages but when music plays and people sing – everyone stops. We may not understand the words completely but we can be moved by the sound and the emotion of what is being performed. That moment is magic. For Jason and ARIA to be able to share that gift with me and all of you, made me the happiest woman. Thanks baby for making my wish come true, that one day you would sing TO me. You did and I fell in love with you all over again, my tenor No. 3!

In case you missed it and you’re wondering what the biscuit I am on about … take a listen & look! If you didn’t miss it and just want to watch again do it!!! Oh by the way, you can also download the ARIA single ‘Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World on iTunes so you can put that darn song on repeat ¬†and play it over and over again just like I do.



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