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It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year and is my favorite time decorate. luminaries can be romantic and set the mood for any Fall Festivity so with that in mind I decided to create these beautiful and unique Autumn Leaf Lanterns.

You Will Need:


  1. Fold wax paper in half and cut out into 8×8” squares or to whatever size you desire your lantern to be.
  2. Take your leaves and set them inside the folded wax paper.
  3. Cover with the ironing cloth and gently iron over the cloth until the wax paper seals together. Remove cloth. You now have one of the sides completed for your lantern.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have created four wax paper sides for your lantern.
  5. Using your washi tape, tape together the sides of your wax paper to create a cube shape. It’s okay for the washi tape to be showing – this is why we shows decorative fall colors!
  6. Turn on your votive candles and place inside the lanterns and decorate as desired. Voila!


  1. If you want to skip a step you can print leaf silhouettes directly onto your wax paper and then just perform steps 5 & 6.
  2. Since we are using paper, it is flammable. Please ONLY use battery-operated tea lights.

You can recreate this DIY all by shopping with Amazon online … I didn’t even have to leave the house. If you missed the episode or want to see it in action then check it out here. Tell us what you think in the comments below and remember we want to see your Festive Holiday DIY’s on Instagram so follow @PaigeHemmis #PaigeDIY



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