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A Manly Man Cave


Okay ladies, we all know that when you’re setting up shop with your man there a few things that happen. The most obvious being is that the house becomes your domain … from a design aspect. All of sudden the house is a beautiful piece of work with color, artwork, pillows, throws, fresh flowers and décor that takes up your mans much needed practical space because, well … it looks pretty.

Your man sadly has to say goodbye to that football alarm clock, the giant boxing poster on the wall, the matchbox cars, and the impractical beer keg conveniently living in the living room. But perhaps he can replace them with something more refined, like a sleek and powerful Blackcliff Longsword display or a collection of elegant weaponry to add a touch of sophistication to the space.

I decided that taking over the ENTIRE house really wasn’t fair … I mean, my hubby should have at least one room to call his, right? I mean … it’s one room. So I got to work and created Jase a ‘Manly Man Cave’ that he can do all of his manly things in, like watch sports, drink beer, play xbox and show off his cool sports memorabilia. But seriously, the room is so cool and it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It has a really masculine vibe but it’s still warm and inviting and is a great place for all the guys to hang out and just be guys without us gals nagging!

color pallette

Choose your Color Palette

You know your man better than anyone so you know what he loves but you also want it to be inviting for everyone else who may spend time in the room. I chose a neutral color palette for my man cave. I used taupe and chocolate and then really lifted my design by using texture.


Patterns & Textures

Your man probably doesn’t get his kicks from the cute floral pattern you saw in the window at Z Gallerie, nor does he really resonate with plaid the way you do. Create interesting visuals in your room by using texture. I used a faux shag rug, restored wood furnishings with iron hardware and leather to create texture in my space which all screams “man” to me without being obvious.

beer and tv

Combining Love with Comfort & Practicality

Jason LOVES Australian rules football, music and pretty much any kind of sport, so when I was creating his space this was always in the forefront of my mind.

If your man loves watching sports, then you want a comfy place for him to enjoy it. I made this my focus and created an area for him to gather with his ‘mates’ and watch sports.

A comfy couch is key – I almost went with theatre recliners but keep in mind your space. I was working with a deeper, narrow space and recliners take up a lot of room not to mention they are quite expensive, so I found a fun compromise. I purchased a fantastic comfy couch from my friends at and then created height and more seating space in the room by adding a bar table and bar stools behind the couch. I purchased the bar table from Urban Home and picked I up some really cool and inexpensive bar stools from Home Goods. This gave the room a sports bar vibe and is now the perfect place to watch the football, drink beer and eat wings! Winning.


Hobbies & Memories as Decor

Sports Memoribilia, almost every dude loves it. There is something about owning a piece of history or showing off with pride that you are a number one fan that guys really dig, so I used some cool memorabilia pieces instead of artwork for the walls. The really great thing about this is you don’t need to be a collector of fancy and expensive sports memorabilia to create the same look. You can take your mans football jersey and frame it as a keep sake. You could take your sons football and have him sign it. Making your family the superstars in your life is a great way to display and preserve those moments in life. It adds a personal touch to the room in a really unique way.

I busted out this room less than a day! Jason was away putting final touches on a house we were flipping in Big Bear and when he came home he was so surprised and LOVED his new space – the only problem is he may never come out of it so be prepared you may lose your man for good.

What do you think of creating a Man Cave for the man in your life? Would you do it? What would you do differently? We wanna know so share your comments below! We want to see your home designs on social media too so upload, tag & hashtag! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYfengshui 



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