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Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

Ameka Ameka


Food can be our medicine and is our greatest natural healer. What we feed our bodies can determine how good we feel on a daily basis. There are all kinds of foods to help heal our bodies and alleviate a lot of unwanted symptoms. You just have to know what is good for what! Thats where we step in …

Our Tropical Turmeric Smoothie is a delicious anti-inflammatory smoothie. It contains some key ingredients that are perfect for alleviating inflammation while being gentle on the tummy and the colon.


Pineapple is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory foods. It contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body. Bromelain is used in a variety of herbal supplements that help treat symtpoms of arthritis, sinutits and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Pineapple is also cardiovascular friendly and packed with vitamin C to help give your immune system a much needed boost! To find out more about the amazing benefits pineapple can have on your body, head on over to my pineapple blog post.


This super spice is a kitchen favourite sprinkled over salads or added to your Raw Blend soups and curry dishes. Not only is it delicious but it also provides our bodies with a whole team of benefits.

Turmeric has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties as well as antiviral, antiseptic and anti-fungal – it’s a triple A threat. Turmeric is perfect for reducing inflammation and helps to ease those tired and sore muscles after a work-out.

Turmeric is also useful as a digestion aid thanks to its stimulation of the gallbladder, which produces bile that helps digest fat. It is a charmer on your blood glucose levels and is one of the best foods to support a healthy liver!

To tune into the benefits of Turmeric try Claire’s Post Workout Turmeric Smoothie.

Turmeric Tropical Smoothie

Makes: 0.5 L
Serves: 1


Vitamix or high powered blender


  • 1 banana
  • 1-2 passion fruits
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 3 slices of frozen pineapple
  • 1 cup coconut water or coconut milk if you want it a little creamier
  • 1 Tbsp Maca powder


  1. Put all the smoothie ingredients into the Vitamix 2L container in the order listed and secure the lid.
  2. Select Variable 1. Turn the machine on and quickly increase the speed to 10, then override to High.
  3. Use tamper to effectively press the ingredients into the blades if required whilst processing if necessary.
  4. Blend for 60 seconds or until desired consistency is reached.
  5. Stop the machine, poor into your glass, serve & enjoy!

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Ameka Jane


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