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My Bridesmaid’s Gift Bags

Paige Paige

Gift Bags are the perfect way to say thank you to those special people who have helped make your special day so magical. It’s also a great way to add some personalization to your wedding and for your wedding party to take home a little something that will remind them of your special day!

We have been SO BEYOND BLESSED to have been able to create some amazing gift bags for our wedding party with even more AMAZING products! What’s even better as you all are going to have the chance to win one too! But you have to keep reading before I tell you how …

Live Happy Tanks

Take a peek!


Cotton recycled bags – we jazzed them up a little with pretty ribbons, personalized lettering, charms and bling!

Carry Green Bag


Pink Tanks – These are such a cute item for you and all of your bridesmaids to wear while you either get ready together or while you are hanging out enjoying some fun in the sun before the big day like we are. I added a little “ever after” in free hand in silver paint pen just to add a little something. LIVE HAPPY ever after!

Live Happy Tank

Gratitude Journal – these are so cute and can be such a beautiful and personalized piece. Write a message to your bridesmaids telling them how much you love them and why it means so much to you to have them by your side as you say “I do”. I also added some twine and a little silver love charm to help with my theme of rustic chic.

Gratitude Journal


Sweet Cream Body Lotion – OMG! You should smell this stuff… it is DELICIOUS! Well, I haven’t eaten it but it smells good enough to eat. This is a great gift for your bridesmaids to help their skin look glowing and smooth on the big day.

Farmhouse Fresh Body Cream

Sweet Cream Body Scrub – you can’t have one without the other. I mean seriously! Get your wedding glow on girls and rub-a-dub scrub before the big day. Your bridesmaids will love you for it.



Necklaces – These beautiful necklaces are handmade with so much love and spirit. They are honestly works of wearable art. Designed & created by one amazing and talented woman, Barbara Smeraldo. My bridesmaids loved these pieces and Jaime my maid of honour wears hers almost everyday.

Rustic Angel necklace


Soy Candles – These gorgeous candles are handmade soy candles and smell divine. They are so nice to add atmosphere and serenity to a room and can really help to relax you before the big day. They also come in these gorgeous glass jars which can be reused later (how cool is that!?) I loved these so much because of the little butterfly on the front. It has a really special meaning for Jason & I which I will share with you in another blog …


Charm Bracelets – These are soooo cute and each one is different to help symbolize each bridesmaids individual style! Feathers & beads are a big part of my signature boho style and Deann at Hip & Hippie made each bracelet with different colurs, charms, leather, gold or silver! They are soooo beautiful and they double up as a bag charm on the gift bag itself. How cool is that?

Vanilla Bean Sweet Orange Aroma Spray – This spray seriously smells so delicious and is made from essential oils perfect to give your room a little spritz for a little freshness and aroma.


Personalized Wrap Bracelets – Where do I begin …? I have loved Willamy designs for years! I have at least 5-6 bracelets already and I am addicted. They are hand made by my friend Amy who is one of the most talented and genuine, beautiful souls I have met. There are so many designs to choose from on her website there is something for everyone but if you want something unique and different for your bridesmaids that goes with your wedding theme she can do that too. Spoiler alert! You may see some of these colors on the special day. Amy even added lettered beads for each girls name to personalize them, these are such a beautiful piece to keep forever.

Willamy wrap bracelet

You have the chance to WIN on of these amazing gift bags too!!! Head on over to my to my Facebook page Paige Hemmis and find out how one of these amazing gift bags could be yours!



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