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Monogamy – Truly, Madly, Deeply

Paige Paige

Red, red wine … It’s a UB40 song … it usually goes hand in hand with date night, romance, a big bowl of pasta, or a night with the girls while you watch cheesy wedding movies! That’s why The Wine Sisterhood was the perfect match for my bridesmaids and me!

Wine Sisterhood is an online community where women can join the conversation about wine, food, travel, style and entertaining. They know that sisterhood is powerful, and are on a mission to entertain, educate, inform, and inspire. The idea for the Wine Sisterhood was sparked through actual conversations with friends and colleagues. They set out to create a fun, friendly space online where women — like you — and us could talk, learn and share their wisdom BUT they also sell AMAZING wines! If you haven’t already do yourself a favour and head on over to their website. The online community is so amazing and i love their Blogs.

We arranged to include in my bridesmaids gifts bags a bottle of wine from The Wine Sister Hood that we could enjoy all together and it is perfectly themed for such an occasion. Monogamy – it’s a gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon and a match made in heaven when paired with red meats and game, pork, burgers, pizza and hearty pasta. And though that’s all been off the diet list for the last month while we were getting “wedding ready” with Sophie’s Gorgeous for Good plan … let me tell you somethin’, i’m celebrating and right now it’s back on the menu!

On the menu tonight is a big bowl of pasta and garlic bread, last nights Bachelorette episode (we missed it – we were getting married) and enjoying a glass of Monogamy with my Hubby, well i’ll have the monogamy, we all know Jason is having a cold beer. Hello married life!



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