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July 4th Party Bags

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Party bags, welcome bags, favors … whatever you name them, they are a MUST for any party. They are a great way to say thank you to your guests for joining you in the celebrations and a great way to give your guests fun things that are festive, good for a laugh, creating conversation between strangers and to help people enjoy your party!

Depending on the occasion, will depend on the type of things you include in your bags. For our wedding I made Welcome Bags for all the folks who were from out of town – I included helpful things like maps of Los Angeles and how to get to and from some of our events. A schedule of all our wedding festivities. Bottled water with personalized labels (everyone is always dehydrated after a long flight or drive). Personalized mints … I mean if you’ve come from Australia like most of our guests, thats a 14 hour flight and if you forgot your toothbrush, mints are welcomed with open arms, i’m just sayin’. I also threw in lots of snacks to enjoy instead of raiding the mini bar and being charged a small fortune at the hotel.

Last July 4th Party I created FUN welcome bags for everyone. I picked up some super cheap blue paper bags and then filled them with all kinds of fun and silly accessories to enjoy on the day. Most of my finds were from Party City but if you plan well in advance there are some great websites to order things online – just allow yourself enough time for shipping:)

party bag contents

Party Bag Contents

  • red, white & blue sweet treats
  • pinwheels
  • star sunglasses
  • leis
  • star necklaces
  • temporary July 4th Tattoo’s

Put your Party bags together and add some coloured tissue paper in the top at the end. If you have a locked in guest list, you could also create your own cute swing tags for each bag with every guests name on them.

july 4 snaps

Happy 4th of July from my family to yours! I wanna see your pics & DIYs this year so share with me in the comments below:)



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