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How To Map Your Adventures & Make an Artwork of Memories

Paige Paige

Did you have an amazing Summer full of fun travel adventures with your family and friends? Well I have a really cool and unique way to keep those memories with a DIY Map of your travel memories!
You Will Need:
  • Cardstock
  • Printer
  • Glue stick
  • Large Map
  • Pictures
  • Trace Paper
  • Foam adhesive picture squares

How To:
1. Buy a map that has your desired area eg: world map, America map etc.

2. Tear the edges of the map to give it an old world feel

3. Using mode lodge attach the map to a poster board, ply wood or a backing of your choice. We used old pieces of board lying around and nailed them together for our base to give it an old and rustic feel. We also gave a light coat of mode lodge over the top of the map and board to give a seal and an antique finish.

4. Set aside and allow to dry.

5. Use trace paper by place it on top of the state or country you wish to use and trace the outline with a pencil.

5. Cut your state/country outline out

5. Use cut out as a stencil for you photograph.

TIP: Depending on size you will need to adjust the size of your photo accordingly. If you are printing at home, print onto card stock paper. If you are printing at Walgreens adjust size accordingly.

5. Cut out stenciled photo

6. Apply to map using 3D Foam Squares which are self adhesive (used for scrap booking) that you can find at your local crafts store.


  • If you printed your photo on card stock attach these squares directly to the back of the picture and press firmly on the map. 
  •  If you printed photos at Walgreens use an acid free glue stick and attach the photo to card stock. You will need to cut out the card stock in the shape of your picture. Then complete step above.
  • Use gloves when handling glossy photos since the oils from your fingers will leave marks.

7. Once the map is complete with all of your favorite summer memories mount on the wall as a fun keep sake!

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