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DIY Wood Burned Utensils

Paige Paige

Personalize and add charm to your everyday cooking utensils or create the perfect gift for you master chef friends. Today I am showing you how to create unique and artistic designs to make any home cook a stylish one!
You will need:
  • Wooden Spoons/utensils
  • Wood burning tool
  • Builders pencil
  • Protective Oil
  • Ribbon or twine
How To:
1. Take your wooden utensils and using a pencil draw the design you would like to be permanently imprinted into your wood. If you lacking creativity and imagination you can find great design templates online!
2. Using your wood burning tool, carefully burn design into wood.
3. Rub into/onto your utensils the wood oil using a dry rag. Because you have “engraved” the wood you have created a more porous surface. Coating them in a protective oil will prevent food contamination and germs.
5. Take your ribbon and tie together all pretty like to give to your master chef friends!
6. Get in the damn kitchen!

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