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DIY Spice Drawer


I absolutely love to cook…but with my crazy schedule, I don’t have a lot of time so every second counts while I’m cooking.  I feel like I’ve spent countless hours and days (or at least how that feels) while I search through my cupboard for the right spice to use.  I pick each one up, turn it around to see the front, then put it down and head to the next one.  This could go on for 20 different spices until I find the one I need.  So to make matters a little more simple, and easy especially for people who don’t have a lot of time, I’ve got a great solution to keep you organized and quick!  A DIY spice drawer where you can see all the spices you have without picking them up…they will be right there for you to see.

You Will Need:
  • 8 Craft wood pieces ¼” thick x 12” x 12”
  • Balsa wood kit box (assorted sizes)
  • Wood glue
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Your spices that you want to store
  • OPTIONAL: Brad nails and nail gun


1. Measure the space that you have inside your drawer, both length and width.

2. The first thing you need to make is the base of the spice rack. This will line the bottom of your rack which will sit on the base of the drawer. To do this, mark the length and width of your drawer on the piece of craft wood. Use a circular saw to cut any excess off that will not fit in your drawer

3. Now measure your spice jars. If they are not all the same, pick the biggest spice you have and use that for your template. This will create the length you will need for your raised/sloped portion for your spices to lay

4. Mark that length on a piece of craft wood at the same width of your base

5. Using your circular saw, cut the pieces for the slopes. You will need three of this size unless your drawer is huge and can hold more.

6. To create the slope of your spice shelf, you will need to cut small risers to hold up the wood. Measure the depth of your drawer so that combined with the spice bottle, it will still fit in the drawer.

7. Using wood glue, set the pieces on the base board, and attach a riser piece below. You can let this set up using the wood glue for 24-48 hours. If you would like the instant gratification of being done, use a small brad nailer and nail the pieces in place.

If you missed the episode or want to see it in action then check it out here. Tell us what you think in the comments below and remember we want to see your Festive Holiday DIY’s on Instagram so follow @PaigeHemmis #PaigeDIY



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