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DIY Birch Bark Vase

Paige Paige

Did you ever carve your initials into a tree when you were young? I remember carving my initials, but since I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, I carved little pictures of kitties and puppies. I remember watching the little creatures grow while the tree got bigger and bigger.  It was so fun as a kid! Now, this is a more grown-up version of that same concept.

This is so simple to make and the initials are the perfect touch on a custom birch bark vase. The wood-burning tool mimics the initials carved into the tree trunk! Here is what you need to get started.

 You Will Need:

  • Birch Bark
  • Burning Kit
  • Glass Vase
  • Candles or flowers
  • Glue gun with glue sticks

Now, you can add the initials before you put the bark around your vase, or after. With the burning tool, it makes it safe either way.  Do what feels best for you. I used a combination of real birch bark that I ordered online, and the synthetic birch/moss roll-on material that I bought at a craft store. Either works!  For the real birch, I used square glass vases and cut each panel and glued in place.  For the synthetic birch/moss, I used round glass vases.


  • Draw your design in pencil on the bark
  • Trace over the pencil lines with a heat tool
  • For the round vases, wrap bark around the tall cylinder. Allow for overlap. Pull until tight. Apply glue inside the birch/moss.
  • For the square vases, cut out the birch in the exact size of each side of the glass vase. Apply glue inside the birch, or directly on the glass.
  • Press in place; hold while glue sets

This is a perfect personalised touch to add to your Valentine’s Bouquet, I even made these as the centrepieces for my friends wedding!

Give your sweetie something sentimental this Valentine’s Day! Share with us your DIY gifts in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYplay

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