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DIY Baby Butterfly Surprise Mobile!

Paige Paige


There are many mom-to-be’s out there that want to be surprised about the gender of the baby. Debbie Matenopoulos is one of them. She says that she LOVES surprises, so her and John agreed to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender. This is so great for the happy couple… but what about us that want to “shower” them with gifts? Do we stick with yellows and greens and neutral tones? Well, I’ve come up with a sweet and tender butterfly mobile that can cover all bases. This will transform to pink or to blue, depending on which way you fold your butterflies!

You Will Need:

  • 14” Metal ring (you could also use an embroidery hoop or wreath – anything that is about 14” around)
  • 25 yards of tulle ribbon, 5” wide
  • Butterfly punch (large)
  • White thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Card stock or scrapbook paper that is double sided – one side blue and one side pink
  • Picture hanging wire

How To: 

  1. Take your metal ring and your picture hanging wire. Take two wires and attach them to the metal ring. Make a cross with the wires so that you have four quadrants.
  2. Take additional wires to secure the middle section. This will give you four separate sections to hang your butterflies from.
  3. Wrap your tulle around the metal ring to cover up the metal.
  4. Cut the tulle into smaller pieces and tie them around the metal circle, making it look light and fancy.
  5. Take your butterfly punch and cut out butterflies. You will need about 80 – 100 butterflies.
  6. Take your needle and white thread and double the thread at the bottom. Tie off the thread with a double knot.  Make the length at least 15” – 20”.
  7. Thread the needle through the middle of the butterfly at the top and the bottom of the butterfly (this will make the butterflies stay up/straight). They will spin, but that’s ok.  Thread the first one near the bottom/end of the thread.  Add additional butterflies up the thread a few inches apart.  You can tie a knot in the thread at the spot you would like each butterfly to hang.
  8. Take four pieces of tulle to tie around the base and meet in the top. You can tie a bow at the top if you would like.  This will serve as the top of the mobile.
  9. Voila! You have the perfect baby mobile for a boy or a girl bundle of joy!  This is how you give the gift…then it’s up to Mom and Dad to turn the butterflies to blue or to pink by folding them in half.

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