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Forensic Files … Tool Edition

Paige Paige

Do you notice that you can’t find some of your favorite tools? They are probably just somewhere else in the garage, but wouldn’t it be easier to know EXACTLY where they are supposed to go so that you are not on the eternal hunt? Enter the Tool Silhouette!

Now if we are investigating the “Case of the Missing Pliers”, an investigator might use “chalk lines”. Technically, A chalk outline is a temporary outline outlining evidence at a crime scene. The outline assists investigators in preserving the evidence.

Ahhhh – so most likely the crime was committed by us not putting the tool in it’s proper place…but if you don’t really have a place that the tool normally goes, you end up searching and searching and wasting time trying to find it.

The tool silhouette is your answer. We can either take a peg board and lay out our tools, or we can use a piece of plywood using either nails or screws, we create a space for the tool to go. Once we are happy with our layout, we outline the tools with pencil or marker, and then fill in the outline with black paint on the board so that when the tool is in use, all you see is the black silhouette. Then you know exactly where the tool goes, and exactly what tool is missing!

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You Will Need:
  • (3) 2×3 plywood boards ¼’’ thick (or size to fit your area)
  • 1’’ nails
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Fine paint brush

How To:

  1. Gather all your tools.
  2. Organize them on the board to your preference.
  3. Find the location you will need to add the nail to each tool and add a mark.
  4. Outline each tool with your pencil.
  5. Hammer nail to each mark.
  6. Paint the outline to each tool with fine brush.
  7. Attach board to your wall

Case of the missing hammer solved!

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