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DIY Dining Picnic Table

Paige Paige

In honor of our guest host today on Home and Family, Nikki Deloach, we are making a dining table that looks like a picnic table.  Nikki has been asking her hubby to build her a table for quite some time, and…well…it hasn’t gotten done.  So like many tough chicks in our lives, we are taking matters into our own hands and building her a table.

This may seem daunting but I’ve found a product that makes this process SO MUCH EASIER!  I made benches with this product before, and I faux finished the legs to look like iron.  The legs are actually made of a sturdy plastic, but we can change it up to look much more expensive than it actually is.  Here are the benches that we made for our Big Bear property.

BBST Dining

Not too shabby for some cute benches!  What I like about these is that you can make it any size you want, up to eight feet.  And with solid, straight cuts, you can have your local hardware store cut your 2×4’s to the desired size you want.

I used a brand called “Hopkins”, but there are several available on the internet.  Here is the product description from the manufacturer.

Product Description

Make the picnic table you want up to eight feet long. We supply the brackets and you supply the lumber.

From the Manufacturer

Made of maintenance-free structural resin. Strong, durable, and impervious to weather. Just add 2×4 lumber, cut to length, and stain or paint. Mix and match with other 2×4 Basics furniture items. Complete instructions and hardware included. Lumber not included.

  • Just add 2×4-Feet lumber to make a sturdy picnic table and 2 benches up to 8 feet long
  • Included in the Picnic Table Kit are the frames to make the table and 2 benches
  • Simple assembly is required with only a powered screwdriver, wrench and a saw. Only straight 90 degree cuts are required, no miters or angles
  • Stain, paint, or finish the wood to fit your style and application or use treated lumber

Nikki sent me pictures of her dining room. She says that they are always entertaining, but when they originally got her current table, it was just for her and her hubby.  Now the family has grown, and they love entertaining so they definitely need a bigger space!  She loves the idea of a picnic table style since more people can fit on a bench than individual chairs.

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You Will Need:

  • Ten (10) 2”x4” planks cut to your desired length
  • Water-based wood stain
  • Paint for legs (spray paint works best)
  • Picnic table kit


  1. Pick out the paint you would like for your table legs, and spray all sides of your legs. Leave ample amount of time to dry based on the manufacturer’s suggestion on the spray paint can.
  2. Cut the length of the table top (or have a hardware store cut the 2×4’s for you).
  3. Stain the 2×4’s and set aside to dry.
  4. Attach the legs to the table top and table center according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  5. Voila! Set the dining table in your home and invite over friends and family to enjoy!

Do you have a project around the house that you have been wanting to take on for years? Share with us in the comments below and remember we want to see your DIY’s on Instagram and Twitter  so make sure you follow @paigehemmis & hashtag #DIYfengshui

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